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Make Your Dream Come True & Grow With Us consists of professional team of traders and analyst with years of experience who study the market thick and thin to enable our customers are satisfied with our services. We have over the years managed equity for thousands of our customers all over the world and have successfully made millions over the parallel market. Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies. Coursera partners with more than 275 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide. We offer a range of learning opportunities—from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs. We believe Learning is the source of human progress. It has the power to transform our world from illness to health, from poverty to prosperity, from conflict to peace. It has the power to transform our lives for ourselves, for our families, for our communities. No matter who we are or where we are, learning empowers us to change and grow and redefine what’s possible. That’s why access to the best learning is a right, not a privilege. And that’s why Coursera is here. We partner with the best institutions to bring the best learning to every corner of the world. So that anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning

Our Vision and Mission firms help advise clients on how to manage their money, based upon their unique financial services. While helps a financial portfolio, by navigating the maze of investments alone can be difficult for those not well versed in the markets, so the fees can be worth it.

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Coursera was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012 with a vision of providing life-transforming learning experiences to learners around the world. Today, Coursera is a global platform for online learning and career development that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies. Coursera received B Corp certification in February 2021, which means that we have a legal duty not only to our shareholders, but to also make a positive impact on society more broadly, as we continue our efforts to reduce barriers to world-class education for all. 113 million learners and more than 7,000 campuses, businesses, and governments have come to Coursera to access world-class learning—anytime, anywhere. Above: Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, co-founders, Coursera | Jason King, manager, corporate strategy, Coursera | Wafa' B, learner, Coursera

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Our 24/7 team is dedicated to help our clients with whatever they need and guide them through the process of investing.

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